an ANCIENT approach to ice cream

Ingredients in today's ice creams do not resemble foods humans evolved with. These processed foods are a departure from our wild roots. We believe in consuming foods as they exist in nature, just like a bear does ...


the cold hard truth


Chart showing Ice Cream For Bears healthy dairy, eggs, and raw honey ingredients compared to the competition

The Buzz on Honey

Raw honey remains 100% intact as nature intended

Honey goes into our ice cream exactly as it comes out of the hive - full of vitamins, antioxidants, and prebiotics/probiotics

The Buzz on Honey

Consumed by humans for at least 8,000 years

The human body has evolved to digest honey. Unlike refined sugars, honey contains enzymes that naturally break down glucose and fructose.

The Buzz on Honey

A healing superfood

Honey is an ancient and modern therapeutic tool used to treat skin disorders, cognitive ageing, microbiome health, chronic disease, and even cancer.

Photo of the founder of Ice Cream For Bears, Tim Berg

our mission

I founded Ice Cream For Bears on the belief that the future of food lies in the past. This means that to be healthy we should try to eat foods that our bodies have evolved to process – foods that have been available to humans for thousands of years. Easier said than done… the modern food system has become incredibly complex and hard to navigate. Grocery shelves today are overrun by poorly sourced and overly processed foods which are creating health crises in our communities. Ice Cream For Bears is on a mission to make food wild again by removing processed foods from packaged foods while supporting the most sustainable practices in food and agriculture. We aim to provide an indulgent and ancestrally consistent ice cream experience that is good for humans, good for animals, and good for Earth.

Ice Cream for Bears Mascot holding a sign that says